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Meet Jac Ludlow, renowned for his talent as a multi-award-winning celebrity stylist and track record as a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold brands. With an unwavering passion for empowering individuals to achieve their goals, Jac has scaled his education company to 36 destinations across the globe.


Jac's success lies in his innovative scale-up system, ESBE, an acronym for education, sales, business, and expansion. Through this comprehensive approach, he equips aspiring professionals with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to excel in the competitive landscape of the hair and beauty sector.


Drawing from his extensive experience, Jac has transcended industry boundaries, exploring various domestic and international sectors. Today, his primary focus is helping others grow their businesses, leveraging his expertise and insight to drive their success. Additionally, Jac co-founded Future Beauty Equity, a distinguished organisation specialising in acquiring companies that meet stringent portfolio requirements.

“Artists hugely inspire me. My Favourite is Leonardo Da Vinci for his piece called “The Vitruvian Man”. Vitruvius was a Roman architect who was particularly interested in the proportions of the human body. This has always fascinated me as the head and face shape structure influences so much in the hair world. My objective is to stretch your thinking, to help you clarify your vision and then make it happen, to do this you need to understand multiple factors. I want you to harness the correct knowledge to understand how to execute your visions and turn them into art” - Jac Ludlow.


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