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Hair is such a competitive industry with new barbers and hairdressers constantly on the rise. This not only proves the passion people have for this craft, but it shows that we have to be at the top of our games.

Jac Ludlow began his career in the small village of Griffithstown, South Wales, UK, in 2007 immediately after the completing high school education. From the age of 14 years old, Jac began to develop an obsession with hair, often aspiring to be as great as his mother, Michelle Ludlow (owner of Bojangles hairdressers) and other industry icons such as Vidal Sassoon, Patrick Cameron and Trevor Sorbie.

Jac was fascinated with shorter styles as he could produce cleaner and more precise haircuts to show off his transformations of new facial shapes. However, he found it very difficult to express his vision, as his female clients at that time were not adventurous. Jac shifted his focus towards barbering, knowing that typically men tend to have shorter hair which would allow him to practice the more precise looks that he desired.

Since making that decision, Jac, alongside business partner Daniel Ludlow, has opened 3 branches of his well-known brand, Bojangles British Barber Club. He went on to create his own personal education system and unique style of teaching, allowing others to understand and benefit from his years of research. This has led to international acclaim and has allowed Jac to educate all over the world. Jac also sits on the City and Guilds industry steering board and focuses on raising the standards of the industry.

“I am hugely inspired by artists. My Favourite is Leonardo Da Vinci for his piece called “The Vitruvian Man”. Vitruvius was a Roman Architect that had a particular interest in the proportions of the human body. This has always fascinated me as the structure of the head and face shape influences so much in the hair world. My objective is to stretch your thinking, to help you clarify your vision and then make it happen, to do this you need to understand multiple factors. I want you to harness the correct knowledge so that you understand how to execute your visions and turn them into art” - Jac Ludlow


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